Panama is fast becoming one of the world’s top retirement destinations and also a world class tourist location – particularly for adventure and ecotourism  Long overshadowed by its neighbors such as Mexico and Costa Rica, where mass tourism is now the norm, Panama has been relatively unknown except to travelers with special interests such as world record deep sea fishing, birding, river rafting and rain forest experiences. The Panamanian economy is stronger and more stable than these other nations and presents a superior infrastructure throughout the country.

Panama is a uniquely placed country in the world, a rare intersection of world commerce, tropical beauty, political stability, and extraordinary living conditions. Most famous for the Panama Canal, it is the crossing point for billions of dollars of trade goods each year; but in the last decade, it has defined itself as far more than the home of the canal, as a dynamic place to do business, retire and travel.

Panama City is a complex, cosmopolitan city that has undergone a tremendous development boom in recent years, with a throng of high-rise towers now dominating the cityscape where it overlooks the Pacific Ocean.

Luxury storefronts look out over the city’s broad avenues, with brand name goods sold at a fraction of the usual price. Hundreds of restaurants offer international fare, and Panama’s nightlife is vibrant with casinos, clubs, live music and entertainment, catering to the eclectic mix of visitors.

Modern health care facilities are available in Panama City, most notably the Punta Pacifica Hospital, a John Hopkins affiliate. Medical tourism is gaining momentum, thanks to cutting-edge procedures being offered at a fraction of the cost compared to North America and Europe.